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Floatation therapy at The Floating Point is the practice of lying back effortlessly in one of our world leading i-sopod floatation tanks and drifting into a blissful, deep, meditative state that rejuvenates and revives your mind and body.

Also known as floatation & float therapy, the floatation experience is delivered through a super-saturated Epsom-salt solution, 25cm deep and containing 500kg of magnesium rich Epsom-salts.

The solution is heated to skin temperature (35.5°C) and the environment in the tank is controlled so that the air is also skin temperature. Once you are settled, it is impossible to tell which parts of your body are in the water and which are not.

This creates an environment similar to that of the Dead Sea but without the sensation of temperature or movement, which lets you float effortlessly on the surface of the water, enjoying a feeling of total freedom & weightlessness!

Our I-sopod tanks are top of the range and the biggest pods available, they are over 2.5m long and 1.7m wide which gives you plenty of room to move around with good head space. This means you won't feel claustrophobic.


They are specifically designed to block out all external distractions including sight, sound, tactile sensations and gravity. This environment may bring long lasting and transformational experiences. What is a Floatation Tank?

Floating has become increasingly popular, as more people have learnt about floatation therapy’s remarkable benefits.

Your first float might feel like magic; however floatation therapy is the result of thirty years of mainstream scientific research in human performance and wellness.

Best of all, the effects of floatation are cumulative – the more often you float, the better it is for your mental health, wellbeing and performance.

Benefits of floating

Floating has many beneficial effects, it is a simple way to achieve mental and physical rejuvenation, reduce stress and manage chronic pain. It can be used as a tool for self-discovery, potentially increase recovery times for athletes and may lead to increased creativity and performance in athletics, academics, students and businesses.

Floating is a wonderful way of attaining the deepest relaxation.

In the near gravity free environment the body balances and heals internally as all the senses are rested. Research shows that floating measurably reduces blood pressure and heart rate whilst lowering the levels of stress related chemicals in the body. Floatation is also beneficial for pain management as it helps in reducing chronic pain and reduces post-operative recovery time significantly.

Flotation therapy is used widely in the treatment of stress, anxiety, jet lag and to improve concentration and creativity. Sports performance and recovery is also enhanced during floating.

Floating has many benefits especially on the mind and body, you may experience a number of these:

Benefits for the Body        

  • Encourages deep relaxation

  • Increases stress resistance (Both physical and mental)

  • Pain relief for those that suffer from chronic pain, joint and muscle aches

  • Improves athletic performance and eliminates post performance fatigue

  • Enhances healing/rejuvenation/recovery (athletic and post-operative)

  • Helps to reduce blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen consumption

  • Improves sleep for those that suffer from insomnia

  • Heightens senses

  • Promotes skin health

  • Reduces effects of jet lag


Benefits for the Mind

  • Fosters creativity

  • Stimulates flow of feel-good endorphins

  • Helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression

  • Aids deeper meditation

  • Improves focus and concentration

  • Increases ability for visualisation (Benefit for athletes)

  • Increases problem solving abilities

  • Allows for introspection

  • Left/right brain synchronisation

  • Helps behaviour modification relating to addictions, phobias and habits

Who uses Floatation Pods?
  • Professionals – Helps eliminate stress and burnout, counteracts problems caused by poor posture, promotes creative whole brain thinking, increases concentration, improves sleep patterns.

  • Chronic Pain Sufferers - Relieves pain – Fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, injuries etc. Increases production of endorphins, speeds the healing process.

  • Academics & Students – Improves concentration, stimulates creativity, promotes clarity of thought process, reduces cortisol levels relieving stress.

  • Athletes – Deep muscular relaxation, accelerates healing of injuries, enhances performance using visualisation, eliminates fatigue.

  • Creative People – Heightens creativity, enhances concentration, encourages creative thought processes, synchronises left and right brain, heightens visualisation.

  • Pregnant Women – Alleviates stresses that gravity places on the body, enables relaxation, regulates sleep patterns, Increases the levels of feel-good endorphins, allows unborn child to share a unique experience with the mother.

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