Sit Back, Relax & Boost Immunity 

Far Infrared saunas can help with boosting your immunity, cellular health, cardiovascular health, pain management, skin issues, weight losss, relaxation and other health conditions.

Not all infrared saunas are created equal, at Floating Point Float Centre we have a Clearlight medical grade full spectrum infrared sauna with colour therapy and vibrational resonance therapy. Unlike some places with low quality infrared saunas, we invested in a top of the range IR sauna, so you know you will receive the most beneficial and healthiest sauna session.

 The private sauna room is yours for an hour.

6 Infrared Sauna Sessions for the price of 4 (Individual use) - £80

6 Infrared Sauna Sessions for the price of 4 (Couples) - £150

Buy today to enhance your health and wellbeing.