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Updated: Oct 10, 2019

The Highs and Lows

At Floating Point Float Centre, we have met so many strong mums and dads-to-be who are either at the beginning of their parenthood journey or welcoming a new addition to their family. The journey for many of our parents has been truly life-changing as they adapt to their new lifestyles. Every aspect of life begins to look different and the importance of time becomes a bigger factor if you consider your baby’s routine, disturbed sleep patterns and emotions around being a parent.

This blog aims to highlight a sensitive topic regarding emotional stress and fatigue post-pregnancy. It sheds a light on how difficult it can be to take care of yourself as-well as little one/s. It will look at how floatation therapy can assist you in lowering stress and anxiety.

Baby blues is quite common and normal to experience; a few symptoms include feeling teary, anxious, irritable and low moods. This tends to start around the 3rd day but usually goes by the 10th day after childbirth.

Postnatal depression (PND) occurs in about 1 in 10 mothers. It develops within the first four weeks after childbirth. Although, it can start several months following childbirth. Symptoms, including low mood, last for much longer than with baby blues. Treatment is advised.

The baby’s father can also develop depression in the weeks after a baby is born. Therefore, some men also need to seek out help and advice post-pregnancy.

How can Floatation Therapy help?

In my previous post, I talk about how floating during pregnancy can support the mother/baby bond along with reducing stress and relieving mums-to-be of pain and swelling. It is important to note that these benefits can continue post-pregnancy due to the incredibly powerful outlet floatation can offer.

The lack of sensory input helps struggling mothers coping with postpartum anxiety or stress by offering a healthy outlet of stillness and quietness in an otherwise highly stressful cycle. For many women, having just one hour of time dedicated to their self-care is crucial to help gather thoughts, ease the tension in the body and calm the mind. Floating creates space and time to focus on one’s breath which helps reserve energy. Practising meditation techniques whilst floating in the pods is another method used to reduce emotional stress and fatigue.

Floatation is just one approach to consider in conjunction with other therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy. As with everything different people find different approaches helpful. Yet, there is strong support to suggest that self-help strategies can help post-natal depression.

The Overall Therapy

Allowing yourself to experience relaxing therapies with the aid of music can enhance low moods. Our tracks for the pods are specifically designed to help relieve anxiety, pain and sleepless nights. The warmth you experience whilst floating is reassuring and comforting. The after-care is just as gentle as you can browse through our collection of books on floating, and good humour content. The overall therapy is designed to give parents the rest that they crave.

We are fortunate enough to receive feedback and testimonials about the positive difference floatation has made post-pregnancy. Especially from women suffering from post-natal depression and it has honestly been deeply insightful. To know that our centre has helped women recognise when to ask for help, to accept that they can only try their best; and to rest during their visit to us means our work has only just begun.

Many women and men are struggling to cope with the demands of being a parent. Therefore, they are struggling in isolation, and fear reaching out to services or unconventional therapies, such as floatation therapy that can offer help and relief.

I hope this blog will inspire you to share to as many online social media channels as possible. The more people who read about floatation benefits post-pregnancy; the better our chances of supporting those in extreme need of care, time and deep relaxation.

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