What to Expect

When you arrive at the centre, you will be greeted by one of our staff who will give you some water and take you through to the sauna room. The room itself is completely private and we provide towels for you. There are controls for the sauna both inside and outside so we can set the timer and the temperature to start with but you can lower or raise the temperature yourself to your comfort level. We recommend not having it any higher than around 50°initially until you’re used to it with a maximum temperature of 60°.

If you would like to listen to music or a meditation track or anything from your phone, you can connect it to the sauna using the auxiliary cable or usb cable in the cabin. Once you’re ready to get into the sauna, strip off completely if you like or you can wear a swimming costume and step inside, closing the door behind you firmly.  

You will notice yourself getting warmer gently. It isn’t like the sudden intense blast of heat you get with a normal sauna.  The seat doesn’t get uncomfortably hot and the air around you isn’t humid or hot when you breath in. You may find yourself sweating a great deal and if the heat does become uncomfortable, you can either turn the heat down on the control panel open the door of the sauna slightly for instant relief. 

Most people find the experience deeply relaxing as the heat is very soothing. You’ll leave covered in sweat, which is the idea of a sauna really, but feeling calm in the mind with a relaxed comfortable body. Your sweating and detoxification continues after you get out of the sauna for up to 20 minutes afterwards, so it is not recommended that you shower right afterwards as it will shorten the benefits of the detoxification process.  

For further info check out our FAQ's

Prices & Booking

The infrared sauna is designed for single person usage. 

The booking is for 60 mins, 40 mins for the infrared sauna and time to change and relax post treatment.

Towels are provided for you.

40 Min Infrared Sauna Session - £16.00

40 Min Infrared Sauna Session - £12.00 if combined with a Float Session* 

*If you wish to book both please book your float session first and check availability of the infrared sauna online. (We recommend a Sauna Session followed by a Float Session)

'The Infrared Sauna use is not recommended for people who are pregnant, children under 16, those who cannot handle temperature extremes, those with haemophila, fever, insensitivity to heat, and those under the influence of alcohol or drugs.' (Click Here For Full List)

Please call or email us to book your Infrared Sauna session.

*Please do not book if you have a cold or are feeling under the weather, thanks*

*If this is your first time using the sauna please complete the online waiver prior to your visit.


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