"Floating has meant that I no longer need to visit my chiropractor for scoliosis as my spine floats itself back to a good position whilst also providing me with an hour of perfect escape and relaxation. I also have crohns and have noticed a significant improvement in my symptoms. I would highly recommend floating if you are tired, stressed, have back problems or crohns.....I previously felt guilty for spending money on treatments but the results have been so positive i now regard floating as one of lives essentials." - GM

"My session floating was like a magical experience, with an environment made for relaxation. The combination of lights, sounds and salts in the warm water means you can float away to wherever your imagination wants to take you. Lovely stuff." - ET

"I started floating because I was interested to see whether it would help with my chronic migraines. My migraines interrupt my sleep so I was delighted when I was able to fall asleep during my first float session and woke up feeling refreshed! I mentioned this to my pain consultant when I next saw him and he said that he frequently hears people testifying that floating has been beneficial for their chronic pain. For me floating has helped me to relax and feel refreshed. This is such a huge benefit for me as chronic migraines leave me physically and emotionally exhausted so spending time completely switched off in the float tank and emerging feeling refreshed has been such a great help to me. I recommend floating to all my friends now (even those without chronic pain issues) as I think it’s a super way to relax and improve concentration and focus!" - RR

"When I was pregnant with my first baby, I developed SPD, a condition that causes pelvic pain. Towards the end of my pregnancy it got pretty bad and I had trouble getting comfortable in bed. My joints and muscles were sore from the lack of sleep and increased tension. Floating really helped to ease my pain and got me some much-needed relaxation. Now I've had my little girl I need to go back to catch up my new sleep debt!" - LG

"Floating has given me a perfect medium to practice mindfulness techniques to improve relaxation, and help me find tranquillity and peace of mind." - ML

"Floating has made a big difference to the quality of my life. I have degenerative spine disease with excruciating and long-term pain. I've had extensive surgery. After floating I have no pain and can stand upright! I go regularly and my quality of life’s improved such a lot!" - MCH

"I suffer with sleep apnoea and although I am receiving treatment for the condition I never wake up feeling fully refreshed and am tired all the time. I booked a float session to deal with aching muscles a couple of days after a 100km walk and promptly fell asleep in the tank, exhausted! I woke up at the end of the session and I really can't describe how refreshed and alert I felt! I honestly thought I had been asleep for a full 8 hours or more, an amazing experience and a revelation. I would highly recommend everyone to give it a go!" - LH

"This is one of those occasions that you have for yourself. An experience that reinforces the fact that life is a journey and not a destination. I think we probably all say to ourselves that one day everything will fall into line and there will be all of a sudden mass of time available to ourselves to do with as we wish. NO.  It doesn’t ever and will never happen like that.  You’re the manager of your life, show how good you can manage and enjoy, everyone deserves to look inward from time to time, use the whole scope of feelings and emotions available to you it makes you a better level-headed person." - PB

"My float was inspiring, incredibly calming and most of all my happiness levels reached a new high. I would recommend everyone who is in anyway interested in finding a natural antidepressant. Incredible." - JS

"Having practiced meditation for almost 3 years, when my partner introduced me to the idea of float therapy, I was instantly intrigued. Always one to try out a new method of relaxation, or practice to aid my meditation and wellbeing, we booked our spaces right away - and so the floatation begun! They say the more you float, the better your experience becomes. After float #1, I was sold! I experienced the deepest meditation and most heightened sense of calm both during the hour session and the weeks to come. I felt instantly cleansed, calm and invigorated. My creativity was heightened, and my intuition strengthened. I'd thoroughly recommend to anybody!" - HVC     

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