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Floating Lady

Your Float Treatment

"We aim to make a positive contribution to humankind in an ethical and sustainable way by providing the tools to improve physical and mental wellbeing, whilst creating a safe environment for personal growth."

At Floating Point we understand the potential for a life changing experience through Floating. Many of our clients have made positive changes in their lives and Floating has improved the quality of life for many others. We believe we have perfected the float experience from beginning to end, so you can get the most out of your float.

Before Your Float Session

Floating is likely to be the most relaxing thing you’ve ever experienced and one of the simplest activities around.

At Floating Point we provide everything you'll need for the float session, including a fresh towel, ear plugs, shampoo and body wash (free of charge), an area for hair drying. We will provide moisturiser to re-hydrate your skin post-float.

After signing in we will take you through to your personal float room. If it is your first time, we will go through all the necessary information you’ll need. To have the best treatment it is recommended that you float nude, the float rooms are all lockable from the inside so you and your belongings are safe.

Prior to your float we would recommend:

  • Not shaving or waxing before, men avoid shaving at least 6 hours before you float and women avoid shaving at least 12 hours before your float. We provide Vaseline in every room for you to cover any small cuts and grazes.

  • A full stomach is not great for floating, nor is the emptiest of stomachs. Having a light, easily digestible meal 1.5 to 2 hours pre-float is probably ideal.

  • Please avoid caffeine and nicotine before you float. The stimulation you experience from caffeine and nicotine is the exact opposite way you’ll want to go when you are in the pod.

  • Staying hydrated is important, we provide you with fresh filtered water to stay refreshed and have the best experience possible. 

  • Make sure you leave yourself some time post float to chill out in our quiet room, we will bring you herbal tea and water. This will give you time to let the treatment sink in.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your float to check in, check our location and plan ahead if travelling longer distances. Our staff are experienced and knowledgeable in the world of floating, we want you to feel at home whilst you are here. Call us if you are going to be late.

Your Float Room

You get your own float room complete with a high quality shower, please shower pre- and post-float. We provide towels, ear plugs, clothing hooks, SLS free organic 'Faith in Nature' toiletries and a lockable door in the room. This is your space to enter or exit the tank as you like. We provide mirrors, hair drying facilities and toiletries post float.

The Pods

Our float pods are huge meaning you don’t feel claustrophobic. They are the most hygienic floatation tanks in the world. Our processes and people are focused on keeping it that way! The float pod has a pressurised, 24-hour filtration system ensuring total filtration between floats. The tank water is fully-filtered 4 times between each float, passing through a 1-micron filter and a UV Filter.

Float Time

You will enjoy a full 60 minute float in your own private float room with the spacious state-of-the-art i-sopod. Please allow an additional 5 minutes for pre and 10 mins for post-float showers. This time will seem to pass very quickly once in the pod as your mind and body float away. The float ends as the internal light changes to a white light, this is your cue to prepare to exit the pod.  

Float Guide

Click below for a downloadable Float Guide

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