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Infrared Sauna FAQ's

Is this like a regular steam sauna?​

Nope! Invisible light heats the body, not the surrounding air, so it is more comfortable and allows you to enjoy a longer session than with traditional steam saunas.  

Is Infrared Sauna For Anti-ageing?

Yes! The infrared sauna is great for reducing wrinkles and crow’s feet, and it helps improve overall skin tone, including softness, smoothness, elasticity, clarity and firmness.

Is The Infrared Sauna Safe?

Yes! Unlike sunbathing, exposure to infrared heat therapy is safe and won’t cause the skin to burn.

I’ve heard about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) -- is your infrared sauna safe from EMFs?​

EMFs are like invisible energy emissions that come from any object that uses electricity. Most common electrical objects give off such low levels of EMF that they pose no risk to humans.

Though infrared saunas are large and powered by electricity, the technology used in our infrared sauna keeps EMF in an extremely low range.

Is there evidence that infrared sauna is effective?​

Yes, a few studies that show the effectiveness of the infrared sauna include:

  1. Far-infrared saunas for treatment of cardiovascular risk factors

  2. The effects of repeated thermal therapy on quality of life in patients with type II diabetes mellitus.

How long do you recommend for each infrared sauna session?

We recommend working your way up to 40-minutes. You will have the room for 60 minutes total, giving you enough time to freshen up and change upon completion.

Do I need to shower after the session?​

Your sweating continues after you get out of the sauna for up to 30 minutes afterwards, so it is not recommended that you shower right afterwards as it will shorten the benefits of the sauna session.  

Can I use the showers at the centre?​

You may be able to use if there is no one using them, although is recommended not to shower post IR sauna.

What do I wear in the sauna?​

You can wear a bathing suit or a towel. You will be in a private room alone.


How should I prepare for my infrared sauna experience?​

Obviously, with all the sweating you want to ensure you are fully hydrated!  Please come to each session well-hydrated, not hungover or after drinking alcohol.  

Drinking water is available in the sauna room. Please only use glass or stainless steel bottles in the sauna; plastic bottles are not permitted in the sauna.  

Towels are provided for your use.  

Is it clean?​

Yes! Our saunas are sanitized after each use. Infrared light kills all bacteria and any airborne germs.


How many people can fit in your sauna?​

Our sauna is big enough for two people.

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