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About Us

We started Floating in London in 2011 and were pretty much hooked from the start. Floating helped us in many ways, reducing stress, reducing anxiety and giving ourselves some much needed mental & physical rest. We both worked in a Pupil Referral Unit in East London which was tough, not only did we need to manage our own feelings and emotions we also had to manage those of the pupils in our care. Many of them had a tough upbringing, had experienced trauma and abuse. Floating was our escape, our time to process our thoughts and create a reflective practice. This gave us a better understanding of ourselves which made it easier to manage the more challenging young people.

We know Floating played a major part in changing our perception on life and changed the path we were on. 

We opened the centre in July 2015 to open people's minds, offering them a new perspective and way of viewing themselves and the world around them. It is great to see people leaving the centre with a smile on their face, making a difference and creating a community of like minded people is what drives us to be the best we can be.


We hope you take the opportunity to give floating a go, who knows where it will lead you!

Michael & Tina Cordova

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